Rimac Breaks Ground with Start of New State-of-the-Art Campus Construction

In another milestone moment, EV hypercar manufacturer and electric technology specialist, Rimac Group, has broken ground several months ago in Zagreb, Croatia, and construction of the company’s new €200M state-of-the-art global HQ is now in progress. The scale and ambition of the new Rimac Campus are vast, making it one of the largest combined R&D and production facilities in Europe, not just within the automotive industry.

Serving as the company’s international R&D and production base, the new cutting-edge complex will enable the company to ramp up from prototype and smaller volume projects to high-volume production of its high-performance electric drivetrain and battery systems for many global car companies. At the same time, the Campus will serve as the production base for all future Rimac models and their key components, including the Rimac Nevera. Across a built area of 100,000m2 and a wider 200,000m2 site, high-tech innovation remains at the very core of operations.

Featuring an on-site test track, museum, design, engineering, production and testing facilities, the striking buildings and greenery have been carefully harmonized by famous Croatian architectural practice 3LHD. The site will also showcase the brand’s philosophy and attention to detail, with a lengthy wishlist to future-proof its new home after its scheduled completion in 2023.

Speaking about the project that was the part of his vision 10 years ago, founder and CEO, Mate Rimac, said, “Ever since I founded the company, building the best possible working environment was key to me. It is more natural to create great products when one is in the right surroundings. With the Campus we want to do exactly that – create the best environment for working and creativity, but not only for our employees. This is a place where customers, students and the general public are welcome and invited to mingle with our employees. We also take great care to integrate the facility into nature and its surroundings and to be carbon neutral.

“Croatia will always be our home and to begin laying the foundations of our new long-term base is a huge milestone as we build something that allows us to best reflect our brand, ambitions and be a springboard for growth over the next decade and beyond. Strengthening our position as a hypercar maker, as well as a leading Tier 1 supplier of electric performance technology to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, we can’t wait to show off the final creation and move in our long-term home.”

Given the company’s rapid rate of growth, the site has also been penned in such a way that it can be expanded over time, while still blending in seamlessly with its natural surroundings. In the long term, the new site will accommodate over 2,500 employees and substantial production facilities – well over double the companies’ current headcount.

Naturally, in keeping with the brand’s focus on striking design, innovation and sustainability, the new complex will contain many clever and unique features. Among them are an urban ‘swamp’ and meadows, plus a rooftop garden, a command center, VR-rooms and several top-secret project rooms. A high-end customisation showroom, museum, plus bar and retail space will also feature on the new campus.

Designed to provide an ideal working environment for its internationally diverse workforce, Mate Rimac has ensured the company’s new home embodies not just the brand’s character, but also that of its people. Therefore, spaces throughout have been refined to be friendly, open and warm, with more than a hint of excitement and intrigue. At the same time, befitting the company’s leading-edge technology status, it will be contemporary, light-filled and inspired by its natural surroundings.

One of Rimac’s values is focused on employee wellbeing and learning. As a result, a games room, gym and training centre, restaurant and even a kindergarten and farm animals have been incorporated into the plans. As have an auditorium, conference hall and education rooms.

Watch the construction in progress live on campus.rimac-automobili.com.

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